Legacy 90.1 FM (Манчестер)

Legacy 90.1 FM (Манчестер)
Legacy 90.1FM encourages a more cohesive community through raising awareness of the community issues and promoting partnership working.
With a broadcasting experience and history of over 10 years, including temporary short licences; Legacy 90.1FM broadcasts to the most diverse and unique audience across the Greater Manchester region on 90.1FM and to the entire world through our website and the TuneIn app on mobile devices.
Legacy90.1FM is the number one African Caribbean community radio station for:
Entertainment & Events
Community Development Initiatives
Cultural Industries
Small Businesses
Legacy 90.1 FM (Манчестер)
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Страна : Великобритания | Манчестер | FM 90.1
Жанр : Various
Качество : MP3 128
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