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Lyca Radio (Лондон)

Lyca Radio (Лондон)
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Music has always been the soul of Asian Families. Without music we can’t celebrate any Birthday, Engagement, Wedding or Anniversary. Festivals like Holi, Diwali, Navratri, Eid and even our National Days also are celebrated with special songs. We relate every emotion of our life with Music.
Lyca Radio 1458 aims to entertain you 24/7/365 with a variety of shows presented by our energetic presenters. With different genre of our evolving shows, we will make you pray, think, learn, teach, cry and laugh. Music that will touch your heart & soul. Music that will make you move & shake… We at “Lyca” have taken a Big Step to make “Music more special and Radio more fun” in your lives… Let’s walk together in this Great Musical Journey.
Lyca Radio 1458… Together and Forever..

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